Atlas Skylights and Aviation Acrylics have been producing formed plastic parts since 1964. Some of the largest plastic glazed structures in Melbourne and Sydney use parts formed by our companies.
The Royal Australian Navy use our protective products on all of their Frigate ships to protect their helicopter landing equipment. The New South Wales railways use our formed hard coated polycarbonate protective window panels on all their double deck TANGARA trains. We supply many companies with a diverse range of products from spa pools to medical and protective components, including face masks for breathing equipment, product display stands, refrigerator components, display lighting covers, just to name a few.
We specialise in forming high-quality transparencies in polycarbonate, acrylic and P E T G, for aircraft, marine, rail and road vehicles. We can form materials in thickness’s from 1.5 mm to 50 mm.
Atlas Skylights and Aviation Acrylics is the only Australian Company with experience in forming large quantities of the very specialised Stretched Acrylic Plastic material with over 1100, two meter square domes installed on the Collins Place Space Frame structure in Melbourne.
We have exported to Norway, Pakistan and The Peoples Republic of China where our polycarbonate mouldings have been used in some detention centres.

Atlas Skylights and Aviation Acrylics are industry leaders in plastic forming and fabrication.