Premium quality plastic fabrication in Melbourne.

If you are looking for experienced plastic fabrication people in Melbourne. Atlas Skylights and Aviation Acrylics Pty Ltd can provide a range of products and expertise not found in most companies.

We have expertise in fabrication and forming of the following materials.

Polycarbonate 2 mm to 10mm
CastAcrylic 1.5 mm to 50mm
Stretched Acrylic 4mm
PETG 1.5  mm to 4  mm
PVC 3 mm to SO mm


We handle other materials but the above is the bulk of our work.

Our moulded parts are used by the Royal Australian Navy on all the irrigate ships to protect their helicopter retrieval systems. The New South Wales railways use our formed hard-coated polycarbonate missile screens on all the TANGARA trains in Sydney for passenger protection

We are the only Australian company to have received a business award for exporting over 20,000 plastic security parts to the Peoples Republic of China.

If you have a project you would like to discuss please contact us and we will respond.